DoC on VIA Epia 5000

Mario Ivancic mario.i at
Sun Sep 14 04:18:29 EDT 2003


I'm playing with epia 5000 board, and DoC (DiskOnChip Millennium
Plus - MD2811 D16 in TSOP48), but can't get it to work!
DINFO from M-Systems can't find DoC, my own util can't find DoC
(looking on every 16 byte from c0000 to f0000), and on linux I tied
to build MTD utils and stuff, but can't 'modprobe -a docprobe'.
Dmesg says 'No Doc detected' or something.
I succeed to enable writing to flash, I pull BIOS out and still can't
find DOC.
I investigate connections on board and find out that DOC address
lines, data lines, CE#, OE#, WE# lines are connected to BIOS ROM
address lines, data lines, CE#, OE#, WE# line.
Is it OK to be that way? (DOC CE#  = BIOS CE# ).
I can boot from standard BIOS, so I think there is no conflicts
between DOC and BIOS, but it should be. Is my DOC dead?
What can I do to get it work?
Please Help!

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