missing function 'unlikely'

Luca Contini luca.contini at mediaenabling.com
Tue Sep 9 04:12:22 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I've downloaded the snapshot 2003-08-28 and I'm trying to use it with kernel 
The mtdblock module is compiled with no problems but when i try to insert it I 
get this error:
'unresolved symbol unlikely'
I've done a grep on the entire kernel tree but with no result.
Just to try I've downloaded the 2.4.21 kernel and applied the patch 
(patchin.sh) to it, but since I cannot use the module (the kernel on the 
board is still 2.4.18) I couldn't verify whether it works. Anyway I've looked 
for the function 'unlikely' in the kernel 2.4.21 patched with patchin.sh but 
with no result.
Any suggestion?



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