trouble with samsung drive

dima _pppp at
Tue Sep 2 02:38:23 EDT 2003

Matthew Dharm wrote:

>USB Mass Storage devices aren't handled via the MTD driver, generally.
>They are handled by the usb-storage driver via SCSI emulation.
Yeah, I figured out that it's an USB mass storage device when plugged it 
into my FreeBSD desktop at work. It was successfully detected as "Lexar 

>If the device shows up in /proc/bus/usb/devices with class code 8, then the
>USB low-level is working and it's time to move on to enabling the
>usb-storage driver.
/proc/bus/usb is empty. So, is this a problem with my USB hub? USB 
driver loads ok and detects the hub successfully though. My 1st question 
is still actual then: can USB 1.1 hub cooperate with USB 2.0 devices? 
The USB driver doesn't report any unclaimed devices as I mentioned in 
the previous post.

>The place for usb-storage help is linux-usb-users at
Thanks, I'll try this list.

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