NAND support

John Stirling js at
Thu Nov 27 09:11:51 EST 2003


I'm in the process of updating our kernel (2.4.19-rmk7-pxa1) to include
support for NAND flash. 

I'm working with cvs snapshot mtd-snapshot-20031117.tar.bz2. 

It installed successfully via 
./ -c -j /home/jgs/proj/ir_intel_db/source/linux_lubbock/
I applied patch ilookup-2.4.23.patch.

Can someone tell me which kernel options I should enable to give me a
good starting point to port to our NAND flash device (samsung
k9f2808u0m) ? I have read the jffs-how-to document but can't see the
settings required for nand flash support.


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