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I know how to boot the DOC using the default native dos partition, last year
i used 'loadln.exe' only because I had to utilize already existing DOC,
which was 8 MB, so i used initrd to mount my root filesystem which ran in
memory, no problem with powering down problems, I also found after compiling
the kernel with DOC support i could write to the DOC after mounting as a DOS
partition, David helped me on this (many thanks), another reason for doing
it this way is that the AMPRO board i was using uses the DOC to store the
bios from eeprom, so I had to work my way around it,

it is definitely possible to boot from the DOC, i wouldnt reccomened ext2
though only because its not Journaling like ext3, ext2 will force fcsk which
can damage the DOC, which is what I am trying to do at the moment, as soon
as I've sussed it i'll let you know what i did, im using a 32MB diskonchip
at the moment,

maybe its a trade secret or summut? or it is not a worthy question for the
almighty forum! :D

kind regards

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> > On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Ilguiz Latypov wrote:
> > > LILO would need disk I/O int 0x13 emulation.  Such layer is offered
> > > by M-Sys.  I don't know if the source code for it is open.
> > It isn't.  Furthermore, this list isn't the right place for discussing
> > it, especially now that good free (and indeed Free) alternatives
> > exist.
> > > I saw messages on JFFS2 on NAND driver development in the MTD
> > > mailing list archives.
> > JFFS2 may not be the most appropriate filesystem for many NAND-based
> > embedded applications.  yaffs is nicer in some ways, for some
> > applications, and the nftl code has the advantage that grub groks nftl
> > and so does the M-Systems DOS firmware...
> Thanks for the replies, but what I really need is a very pratical
> evaluation of the situation.  Do I say yes to buying many DoCs or do I
> use simple IDE flash disks instead which I already got working and
> booting.  If I see there's still a lot to be done regarding making DoCs
> work with Linux then no problem.  The product has to be out in the
> coming months, not in two years.  So this is why I was asking if there's
> floating around a HOWTO of some sort or is this all 'still in the lab'
> so to speak.
> Cheers,
> Al
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