DoC newbie

lanas lanas at
Mon Nov 24 15:35:52 EST 2003


  I have a few questions about a Disk-On-Chip 2000 and its possibilities
ans integration.

  Is it possible to boot from such a device ?

  What I did up to now is to get the device recognized as /dev/ntfla. 
So I did a fdisk on this, created a bootable partition, and formatted it
ext2.  Ans then I mount it and I can copy files to it.  I tried to run a
basic and recent lilo with device being /dev/ntfla bit lilo got lost
somewhere.  Anyhow I understand that using jffs2 would be a much better
choice to leverage the wear on the chip.  Where can i find complete and
recent instructions for using the jffs2 with kernel 2.4.20, as well as
the utilities needed such as mkjffs2 (or some such) ?

  Ah, did I damaged anything in the DoC by formatting it using ext2 ? 
Do I simply have to reformat it using the jffs2 formatting utility (much
in the same way as mke2fs) ?

  Any hint and comments appreciated,



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