nand_write_ecc() broken?

Rick Bronson rick at
Sun Nov 23 10:47:53 EST 2003


  The routine nand_write_ecc() doesn't seem to account for bad blocks.
If I write an image over a known bad block, nand_erase() correctly
identifies and skips over the bad block (via nand_block_bad()) but
nand_write_ecc() seems to ignore the bad blocks.

  Anyone experienced the same problem?

I'm using 11/16/03 cvs version of mtd on an ARM, linux-2.4.19, and
here's my config:


 Here's my hardware specific NAND stuff:

	my_nand->eccmode = NAND_ECC_SOFT;  /* enable ECC */
	my_nand->chip_delay = 20;		

  Any help greatly appreciated.

  Rick Bronson

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