DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP bad blocks table

Ilguiz Latypov ilatypov at infradead.org
Thu Nov 20 16:29:20 EST 2003

Hello Al,

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 02:33:55PM -0600, Al Cousson wrote:
> 2.  Does doc_loadbios need to be updated to work on the DiskOnChip
>     2000 TSOP? 

I am not sure if the current patch to GRUB recognizes INFTL.  I know
that the NFTL block access layer did work.  The beginning of the NFTL
layer must not be overwritten by the GRUB firmware.  Once you burned the
firmware, you may need to re-format the rest of the chip.  The size of
the GRUB firmware rounded to the next erase sector boundary could be
given to the format utility as the start offset for the NFTL layer.

Ilguiz Latypov

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