MTD Flash low voltage error

Shreekanth Hiremath hiremath at
Wed Nov 19 23:14:52 EST 2003

Hi  ,

We are facing some problem with JFFS2 filesystem and MTD driver as
explained below.

Two 16MB flash are connected to  CS0 EMIFS  interface of OMAP.
And the VPP for both the flash is controlled by the OMAP.
There are total 7 partitions 6 partitions on flash0 and 1 partition on

When we mount the partition 5 (which is on flash0) and partition 6
(which is on flash1) as follows.

mount -t jffs2  /dev/mtdblock/5 /prim_jffs2
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/6 /mirror_jffs2

And if I issue copy & delete continuously on these partitions
I am getting "Chip reports voltage low on erase: status 0xa8" error

But if I issue copy &  delete on only one partition,its working fine.

By this it seems that when erase operation is done on both the flash
the "low voltage" error occurs.
The status register value is 0xa8, i.e. bit 3 (low voltage error)  & 5
(error in block erase) are set.

Shreekanth Hiremath

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