8bit / 16bit access amd29f016 success

david stevenson david at rondotheatre.co.uk
Mon Nov 17 09:25:19 EST 2003

Appolgies if this is a double posting as the first time I got the from: wrong.

This is for information, unless anyone knows more and can improve it.

I have 4off amd29F016 2megx8bit chips arranged as 4meg 16bit words.
(on a amd sc400).
I have hacked the elan-104nc.c map file to work for me. (I can post this if 
anyone wants).
I found I needed to set the proccessor to 8bit bus access mode before calling 
cfi_probe, the chips were then detected correctly, but then I needed to reset 
the bus mode to 16bit before any reading or writing.

With this slightly odd switch all works fine.

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