JEDEC probing redux

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Sat Nov 15 18:44:56 EST 2003

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(oops meant to send this to the list hte first time.)

> Surely this affects more than just the unlock addresses? Doesn't it mean
> that when reading, each 16-bit word of flash would appear _twice_?
No. I can't remember why in this decongestant-drugged state that I'm in
*wheezes loudly*, but I remember that it doesn't. Some quirk that the PXA
does. Check my debrick code in cvs:

Look at the programflash() code in there to see how I do it.

> What if you just add the appropriate shift to your map driver?
Then that'll shift over addresses that aren't unlock, which is definately not
what I want.

For what it's worth, when I added shift code to jedec_probe, that seemed to
work, however at some point my unlock addresses are getting reset (?!!?!) to
555/2aa, instead of 555<<1/2aa<<1. I should probably debug that.


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