JEDEC probing redux

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Sat Nov 15 03:08:24 EST 2003

Joshua Wise <joshua at> writes:

> I'm thinking two things here: 1) I'm assuming that the unlock address verify 
> is just paranoia. Can I nuke that? (Will it break anyone's board?)

It will break things.  Some flash chips will ID but nothing else with
the wrong unlock address.  So without the test some boards will not

> and 2) Is 
> there a better way to say that we should be left-shifting all the unlock 
> addresses over?

I am wondering if your map driver could handle that.  Either or
a solution like LART endian might be appropriate.

Handling flash chips that are connected up peculiarly seems to be
a recurring theme.  If this isn't something the map driver can't do
we may want to enhance that interface so it can handle more peculiar
cases in the future.


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