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Mon Nov 10 22:20:42 EST 2003

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Hi all,

As some of you may know, I'm doing the port of Linux to the iPAQ h1910. I'm 
almost to the point of flashing a root filesystem to the device, but first I 
need to be able to make a backup of the 16MB NAND flash. I do not know what 
ECC I'm supposed to use, so I just use ECC_NONE at present. I have verified 
that mtdblock reads do not fail, but I have not verified any contents.

Anyway, to the point. I want to be able to make an *exact* copy of the 
previous WinCE image on the device, down to the bad blocks. Is there a 
utility that allows me to do this? I've heard of nanddump, but I've not done 
much research into it. This code is not going to run in userland (this is in 
the kernel, for Linux as Bootloader project), but I'm fine with porting any 
utilities I need into the kernel.

Thanks, and sorry if my writing is a little unclear (been spending most of the 
day hacking on h1910 USB setup, and my brain feels like it's been put in the 
- -- 
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