SMART PCMCIA linear flash: compiled latest CVS - still no luck

Miernik miernik at
Wed Nov 5 16:20:50 EST 2003

I finally compiled the code from CVS (substituting the three 
problematic files with their versions from the Linus' tree).
My config file:

This time the logs of my debug may be found in

Everything seems OK until I tru to do anything with an erase.

When I try erase or eraseall on /dev/mtd0 I get it do nothing 
endlessly, in the syslog it places messages like:
Nov  4 17:56:25 tarnica kernel: drivers/mtd/maps/pcmciamtd.c:pcmcia_read16_remap(): ofs = 0x00000000 (c00c8000) data = 0x00a8
millions of times. 

If I try try to ^C or kill it, it prints something like: 
"Kernel Panic .... aaaiee interupt handler..."
and I can only press RESET switch, or Alt+SysRq+B. 

BTW the same was for the stock kernel version, if I forgot to write 
that already.

Does anyone has any ideas what to try more?

How do I get it to try the MTD_OBSOLETE_CHIPS drivers?
I compiled MTD_SHARP and MTD_JEDEC, but how do I configure it to use 

If you see that the "sharp" module is loaded in my dump of lsmod, it 
was just because I've put it in /etc/modules But it did not make it 
use it.

If anyone had ever sucess with a SMART Modular PCMCIA linear flash, a 
non-CFI model, can you please send me the output of lsmod, and 
/var/log/syslog fragment (with CONFIG_MTD_DEBUG_VERBOSE=3 preferably) 
while you erase/write/ftl_format the card?

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