New problem with DoC

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> > Hello from Gregg C Levine
> > It seems to be my day for problems with this configuration. Using
> > "doc_loadbios" program found in the util directory of the mtd
> > collection, I've managed to write the firmware to the DoC, one was
> > one labeled "DOC2.FFF", and the other one was "doc42.exb", both
> > copied from the disk provided by M-SYS that's version 4.2 of their
> > series of tools.
> Uh.  last I saw, doc_loadbios didn't understand .exb files.
> You should be using the Grub firmware anyway.
> -Jas.
Hello again from Gregg C Levine
Thanks folks. That worked. Funny thing, these devices, the solutions
suggested by the manufacturer didn't work. Which is what I expected.=20

Whereas the MTD method for reviving it, or even a new one for
installing the Grub Firmware worked. It still looks for the /boot
directory, and the menu.lst file. But at least it works.=20

Next question, how do I put that one, the /boot directory, and the
menu.list as when I would use a normal Grub booting arrangement in to
the DoC? Oh, and a custom kernel as well.
P.S. David is my message formatting acceptable?

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