NAND subsector writing problem

Alex Samoutin samoutin at
Thu Jan 30 21:11:23 EST 2003

 don't know much about sub-page writing. I've only took latest MTD snapshot
and wrote hardware level driver for NAND chip on IBM 405ep board. And then
started "nandtest" program from the same snapshot. So, if "mixing ECC and
sub-page writes is
invalid" then something wrong in "nand.c" or "nandtest.o"

And furthermore -  that was not ECC error, it was error during verify read
after write (read and write buffer not match).

Also I have troubles with JFFS2  :(.  nand_write_page failed after verify
( If CONFIG_MTD_NAND_VERIFY_WRITE not defined - I have no error message)


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> There is no problem using this for JFFS2 or YAFFS since neither use 
> sub-page writes.
> ECC applies to the whole page.  Thus, mixing ECC and sub-page writes is 
> invalid.
> -- Charles

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