Bad Block Handling in jffs2

kokseng choo Kschoo70C at
Thu Jan 30 15:03:59 EST 2003

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply.

Thomas Gleixner wrote:

>>   So, I write a program to skip the bad block, and copy the data to the
>>next block. The missing file seems to appear on the file system now, the
>>size looks correct. But when I diff the binary of the file to that of
>>original, they are different and the binary failed to execute.
>Have you built your fs-image with the correct block size ?
  The command I used is as followed:
mkfs.jffs2 -p --eraseblock=16KiB -l -d ./jffsRoot -o jffs2.image
I changed the mkfs.jffs2 so that it allows me to create image with 16KiB 
erased size. I presumed it is not a problem to make the changed, but may 
be I was wrong. The raised the question about my changes sometimes ago 
Please let me know, if my assumption is wrong.

>> Is anyone manage to transfer an image to the nand device that has bad
>>blocks without losing any files ?
>Yes, I do
That sounds a lot more promising. Probably there is somthing wrong my 
configuration, I will look into my configuration again.


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