HELP! How to use EP8260 MTD device?

OHMURA Yutaka ohmura at
Thu Jan 30 04:27:12 EST 2003


Now I'm trying to use Embedded Planet 8260 board Flash memory with TimeSys 
Linux 3.1(TSL). I have two type of this board. One has 200MHz clock, have RTC, 
64MB PSDRAM, 32MB LSDRAM and 16MB Flash ROM. The other has 300MHz clock, 
no RTC, 32MB PSDRAM and 8MB Flash ROM. My goal is use MTD device under TSL with 
300MHz MPU board, but the board looks some other difference with 200MHz board, 
so TSL can't works fine, so at first I'm trying to use MTD device with 200MHz 
board. But I can't use MTD until now.

Please tell me how to use MTD on EP8260 under TSL!

FYI, I attached .config file renamed config.8260.
Under this environment, MTD driver says 
> physmap flash device: 6ffffc at ff800000
> CFI: Found no Physically mapped flash device at location zero
> RPX Lite or CLLF flash device: 2000000 at fe000000
> CFI: Found no RPX device at location zero
> $Id: ftl.c,v 1.38 2001/09/23 21:15:12 dwmw2 Exp $

This is first time to use MTD for me, so if you know good reference to use it, 
please tell me too.
/usr/src/timesys/ep8260/2.4.7-timesys-3.1.180/kernel/Documents was not help me.



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