Bad Block Handling in jffs2

Kschoo70C at Kschoo70C at
Thu Jan 30 11:17:34 EST 2003

   My nand device has a few bad blocks. Therefore if I copy the jffs2 formated 
   image to the device, some files are missing from the file systems.
   In, it is stated that 
   "if you have a bad block on your chip, just skip this block and copy 
   the data to the next block. JFFS2 is able to handle this gap.".

   So, I write a program to skip the bad block, and copy the data to the next block. 
   The missing file seems to appear on the file system now, the size looks correct. 
   But when I diff the binary of the file to that of original, they are different 
   and the binary failed to execute.

   I don't know much about jffs2 bad block handling, the only information I have is 
   as mentioned above. Am I missing any other information ?

   Is anyone manage to transfer an image to the nand device that has bad blocks 
   without losing any files ?

   Note that there is no problem to copy the same image to nand devices 
   which are bad blocks free 

   Thanks in advance.


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