Problems writing to mounted jffs...

Siddharth Choudhuri choudhri at
Wed Jan 29 15:09:52 EST 2003

I am following the mtd-jffs howto to have jffs on LART(ARM processor with
4MB Intel D28F160 Flash).

I did the following on the board running Linux 2.4.18-rmk2-pxa2:
o erase /dev/mtd2
o cp jffs_image /dev/mtd2
o mount -t jffs /dev/mtdblock2 /mnt/jffs

When I do ls/cat (read operations) on /mnt/jffs it works fine, but if I
give anything like `touch foo` inside /mnt/jffs, I get this message
running forever...

lart: write error at address 0x00100d64. //This address keeps increasing
Didn't write all bytes in flash_safe_writev(). Returned -5
JFFS: jffs_write_node: Failed to write, requested 64, wrote 1

I looked at errno for -5 is I/O error. Any ideas where I am going wrong ?


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