Lilo-mtd passes garbage as kernel command line

Raphael Hertzog eng at
Thu Jan 23 05:26:05 EST 2003


I'm using lilo-mtd (lilo 21 with the patch available on the website) to
boot on a DOC. It works but I have a little problem. It looks like lilo
is passing garbage to the kernel as kernel command line.

During the boot there's a message saying: 
Kernel command line: <insert esoteric garbage here>

Also I noticed that any argument given in the append configuration item
in lilo.conf is not used... which is understandable if the kernel really
see the garbage as its command line.

Does anyone else experience the same problem ? How can I help you track
this bug down ?

I use a stock 2.4.19 kernel.

I tried to understand where the kernel looks for its command line
arguments and where lilo puts them but it's a bit complicated for me.

Raphaël Hertzog - EIPM SA

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