Grub on DiskOnChip2000

Marcus Birkin marcus.birkin at
Tue Jan 14 00:44:33 EST 2003


Basicly i'm stuck, i've read the HowTo 

I've got to the stage where i compile grub, it compiles with out error. But 
theres no grub_firmware in /stage1.

After reading the documention with MTD, i find out how to create a 
grub_firmware file from pre_stage2, this compiles fine and i'm then able to 
flash it to my DiskOnChip2000.
I reboot, and grub loads, but it can only access hd0 (not dc0).
The diskonchip has a valid ext2 partion (with a copy of the /boot from hd0).

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?


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