JFFS2 on block devices

spse at secret.org.uk spse at secret.org.uk
Sun Jan 12 15:43:22 EST 2003


>I am using the kernel version and mount time is about 15 minutes on this
>celeron 433. After mounting, speed and reliability are great. I'll test
>the CVS version today and report back!

If you are going to use the latest blkmtd from CVS it *should* be ok 
but note that the only testing I have done on it is to have two
devices mounted (80Meg file via loopback and 80mb disk partition)
then do a loop of 30 kernel rebuilds (with -j2) in parallel
(takes about 24 hours on my laptop)

I would definitely advise that you make a backup of your jffs2 file
somewhere as Im not sure the latest code has been that well tested by



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