mtdram from todays CVS

Der Herr Hofrat der.herr at
Thu Jan 9 10:59:31 EST 2003

HI !

 just pulled todays CVS compiled it and loaded mtdcore.o and mtdram.o 
 then mtdblock.o and made a minix filesystem on /dev/mtdblock0 - all
 goes fine - mounted the filesystem, unmaounted it again - removed 
 mtdblock0 and when I tried to remove mtdram it tels me the device
 is busy

Module                  Size  Used by
mtdram                  2068   2 
mtdcore                 2052   1  [mtdram]
de4x5                  41104   1  (autoclean)

 The modules usage count is also incorect after this operation. Kernel is
 2.4.19 (rtlinux patch applied other than that vanilla kernel from

 have not tested to see if this happens on other boxes yet - has anybody had 
 any problems with mtdram in the current CVS ??

thx !

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