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Wed Jan 8 15:27:24 EST 2003

On Wednesday 08 January 2003 20:42, Russ Dill wrote:
> NAND *will* have bad blocks, cramfs does not handle bad blocks. There
> isn't an elegant solution for this right now, but here are some options:
> yaffs: desgined for NAND, but has no compression
Solid, but no compression

> jffs2: The NAND code is pretty new, and the journalling is probably
> overkill for your application, but it will work, and should be able to
> adapt to bad blocks.
The code is pretty new in comparison to Makefile V1.0, but it's used in 
production system and can be considered "stable". 
It's really a realiable rootfs.

> roll your own: Please, make a static compressed filesystem (like cramfs)
> that incorporates extra blocks, so that when the checksum is bad while
> initially writing the filesystem, or reading the file system (in the
> case where ecc can save the data), it rewrites this block to a free
> sector). It would seem like a simple modification to cramfs to me.
Don't reinvent the wheel! :)
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