compile error when using MEMREADOOB in do_mounts.c.

Thomas Gleixner tglx at
Sun Jan 5 04:37:03 EST 2003

On Sunday 05 January 2003 09:49, Paul Wong wrote:
> Yes, I modifed the bootloader (in NOR-Flash) that can load kernel image in
> /dev/mtd0 (NAND flash) and bad block handling.  and I also tried the rootfs
> in JFFS2, but the customer do not shutdown the system by keyboard, just
> directly power off the unit. then the JFFS2 may be corrupted and cannot
> boot up again. The ramdisk is a good solution for this case.   So, I want
> to modify the do_mounts.c to check the bad block to load the rootfs image
> to ramdisk.
JFFS2 can handle a direct power down. The only way you can loose data, is if 
you are writing to a file exactly in the moment, when you power down. This 
does not lead to a fs corruption. JFFS2 can handle this. 

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