FTL of compact flash card

Charles Manning manningc2 at actrix.gen.nz
Wed Jan 1 02:43:02 EST 2003

>From what I read here, what you want is a mapping that provides a block-wise 
interface to the flash.

JFFSx is a file system. That will not do what you want.

What you need is some block-like FTL like NFTL or whatever goes on inside a 
Compact Flash or ATA card. I am not aware of any open source code that will 
do what you want. As far as I can tell all this code is fiercely guarded by 
companies like Sandisk and MSystems.

Maybe someone can be more helpful.....

-- CHarles

On Wed, 01 Jan 2003 08:42, Jeff Lin wrote:
> Hello, all,
>  First, Happy new year to you!
>  I am looking for a FTL (flash translation layer)code
> that will emulates the flash memory as a IDE  disk
> for the controller IC inside the compact flash card.
> The FTL will need to do logical to physical address
> mapping, bad block management, and wear level
> algorithm. There is no File system needed, instead,
> the FTL will talk to the native file system.
> Is there any open source code of FTL available? Can
> NFTL or JFFS/JFFS2 be tailored for this purpose? As
> for commercial FTL, which commercial code is
> good/reliable and relatively inexpensive?
> Thank you very much for help,
> Jeff
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