How to use EP8260 MTD device?

OHMURA Yutaka ohmura at
Thu Feb 27 09:02:33 EST 2003


It was my careless miss.
Surely &physmap_map ==map.

"Shen Rong" <rshen at> wrote:

> > physmap_map by address to do_map_probe.(do_map_probe(*type,
> &physmap_map);)
> > At this point , &physmap_map == 0xC022E82C.
> > But in do_map_probe(driver/mtd/chips/chipreg.c:do_map_probe(struct
> mtd_info
> > *do_map_probe(const char *name, struct map_info *map)), *map ==
> 0xC02D7EA8.
> What do you want it to be? The &physmap_map == map, not *map!
> *map will be the first element in the map_info struct, which is the 'name'.

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