DoC and Linux New vs Old

Colin Durey zzan2800 at
Wed Feb 26 20:03:55 EST 2003

I have equipment fitted with older DoC 2000 (MD2201-D40 -- 40mb capacity)
and running Linux kernel 2.0.34. These Docs are now unavailable and have
been superceded by MD2202-D48  - 48Mb capacity.

I have a disk image for the older Docs, but this is useless with the new
ones due to the different chip size. As well, the new DoCs don't like the
older kernel and won't run. The Older Docs won't work with the new kernel
(2.4.xx). C22!

Can anyone suggest a solution which is less painful than completely redoing
my code to run on the new kernel? Is there some utility which allows the new
DoCs to be configured to work with the older kernel, or is there some
fundamental h/w different which totally prevents this?


Colin Durey
colind at

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