copy filesystem to nand flash without ecc

kokseng choo kschoo70c at
Mon Feb 17 11:02:35 EST 2003

tglx at wrote:

>On Monday 17 February 2003 13:36, kokseng choo wrote:
>Yep, but you still do not write fs-specific information in the OOB-area, 
>except the ecc.
>This still solves not the problem to write a fs-image to the chip. Therefor we
>need a function, which includes writing of OOB data and filesystem dependent 
>oob-layout selection.
Am I right to say that, I only have to put the fix pattern value -- 
which is cleanMarker in the case of JFFS2
in the OOB?  If this assumption is true, then I was thinking about let 
the erase do the job. Because,
 we can modify erase function such that we can have "erase --jffs2-oob" 
or "erase --yaffs-oob".
On the other hand, we probably can not change cp function to have "cp 


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