jffs2 occasionally locking up?

Thomas Gleixner tglx at linutronix.de
Fri Feb 14 08:49:20 EST 2003

On Friday 14 February 2003 14:48, Frederic Giasson wrote:
> On Friday 14 February 2003 10:29:23, tglx at linutronix.de wrote:
> >If you copy too much data to the partition, it tries to garbage collect to
> >give you more space on the device. The endless loop seems true.
> >
> >Could you please set JFFS2_DEBUG=1 and provide a log-output.
> >Don't forget to echo 9 >/proc/sys/kernel/printk before starting your copy
> >session. Please compress the log and mail it to me in private (will be
> > some MB) or provide it any location for download
> We encountered the same problem, the garbage collector seemed to spin
> endlessly, but usually it stoped after many hours.  We found a way to avoid
> the problem: calling "sync" command before every copy to jffs2. This way,
> copy time is much more deterministic, even when jffs2 is almost full.
But that does not solve the problem. Could anybody provide a log please, as 
I'm out of hardware at the moment.

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