Initialising NAND OOB with Software ECC

Thomas Gleixner tglx at
Fri Feb 14 08:02:53 EST 2003

On Friday 14 February 2003 12:36, Phil Thompson wrote:
> What about the other elements of struct mtd_oob_buf, ie. start and ptr?
Ok, I forgot start.
> What about a pointer to the oob buffer?
I see, we need data too. :)
But then we should add two pointers, so you can hold two different buffers 
from userspace.
truct nand_ctrl {
	int	start;			// startadress 
	int	oob_select;	// selector for OOB usage
 	int	data_lenght;	// length of data
 	int	oob_length;	// length of oob-buffer
	int	data_ptr;		// pointer to data buffer
	int	oob_ptr;		// pointer to oob buffer

> > JFFS2 needs no oob buffer for write, but YAFFS does.
> JFFS2 doesn't need one for read either does it?
No, you can just use it if you're curious or, if you want to read a complete 
image with oob-data included, which could be useful for debugging ....

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