hang into genprobe_ident_chips

Kentropy Kentropy
Sat Feb 8 13:17:39 EST 2003

I have problems using an Intel flash TE28F320-C3BC90
My kernel hangs into (gen_probe.c, 125), genprobe_ident_chips( )
Could someone please suggest me what do I have to do to solve this ?
Do I need to add a new flash type in jedec_probe.c ?

Uncompressing Linux........................................ done, booting the kernel.
Linux version 2.4.19-rmk4-ds2
CPU: Intel XScale-80200 revision 1
JFFS2 version 2.1. (C) 2001 Red Hat, Inc., designed by Axis Communications AB.
FLASH virtual address: 0xc4810000
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 81), cfi_probe_chip: a00
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 89), cfi_probe_chip: a11
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 164), cfi_chip_setup: b1
Number of erase regions: 2
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 173), cfi_chip_setup: b1
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 181), cfi_chip_setup: b2
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 193), cfi_chip_setup: b3
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 204), cfi_chip_setup: b4
Primary Vendor Command Set: 0003 (Intel/Sharp Standard)
Primary Algorithm Table at 0035
Alternative Vendor Command Set: 0000 (None)
No Alternate Algorithm Table
Vcc Minimum: 2.7 V
Vcc Maximum: 3.6 V
Vpp Minimum: b.4 V
Vpp Maximum: c.6 V
Typical byte/word write timeout: 32 5s
Maximum byte/word write timeout: 512 5s
Full buffer write not supported
Typical block erase timeout: 1024 ms
Maximum block erase timeout: 8192 ms
Chip erase not supported
Device size: 0x400000 bytes (4 MiB)
Flash Device Interface description: 0x0001
  - x16-only asynchronous interface
Max. bytes in buffer write: 0x1
Number of Erase Block Regions: 2
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 211), cfi_chip_setup: b5
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 216), cfi_chip_setup: b6
  Erase Region #0: BlockSize 0x2000 bytes, 8 blocks
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 216), cfi_chip_setup: b6
  Erase Region #1: BlockSize 0x10000 bytes, 63 blocks
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 225), cfi_chip_setup: b7
TRACE (cfi_probe.c, 230), cfi_chip_setup: b8
TRACE (gen_probe.c, 125), genprobe_ident_chips: GPa1

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c5810000

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