Bus error when erasing Intel Strataflash

Stephane List stephane.list at lilotux.net
Tue Feb 4 09:13:14 EST 2003


When I want to erase my Intel Strataflash, I've got "BUS ERROR" on my
CPU. I use the command :

#erase /dev/mtd6 0 128
It erases the first sector but then it crashes.

This is an attempt to read at the physical address instead of the
ioremapped address !
The error is somewhere in physmap_read32, and the calling function is
"do_erase_oneblock" of the file drivers/mtd/chips/cfi_cmdset_0001.c

The 2 places where the software reads the flash are when it wants to
read the status, everything looks good in the code...

Any idea ?

Stephane List

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