help: bootloader for loading kernel from mtdblock device on flash........

Vishal vishal at
Mon Feb 3 22:21:48 EST 2003

Its for an ARM7 core.
I have the block driver for the JFFS on NAND Flash ready. I have the 
basic bootloader code. I was wondering whether i can do the proceed in 
the following way :
1. take the read/verify  code from the JFFS block driver for NAND flash, 
and put it in my bootloader code
2. The driver code that i copy will have a lot of kernel API 
i need to incorporate those also into my driver.
3. finally use this functionality achieved to read a kernel.bin file 
from the /dev/mtdblock device and load it.
 or is there  any other workaroud?

Thomas Gleixner wrote:

>On Monday 03 February 2003 12:24, Vishal wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>  I am a mtd newbie, and have been assigned the task of writting a boot
>>loader that can boot a kernel file placed in a mtdblock device, on NAND
>>flash( Samsung K9F2808U08). I would like suggestions on going about with
>>this process. If some one could take some time to at least list down the
>>steps involved in the same, it would be of immense help me.
>What CPU architecture ?

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