mtd partition1 corruption during writes to JFFS2 on partition2.

Joakim Tjernlund Joakim.Tjernlund at
Sun Feb 2 11:46:17 EST 2003

Hi Vipin

I also have several partions(ppcboot, kernel and JFFS2) and I never had any
problems to update ppcboot or kernel(cp file /dev/mtdblock0) while JFFS2 is mounted.
I am using cmdset0001 driver, so perhaps it's a driver problem? 
If you will play with the cmdset0002 driver, consider to add point/unpoint
support(already in cmdset0001).

Recently(a few weeks ago) a locking bug in JFFS2 was fixed which bit me during
boot, don't think this what's biting you though.


> I've got multiple mtd partitions on one NOR flash device (CFI/AMD).
> I've got JFFS2 fs mounted on the last partition. The other partitions hold 
> compressed firmware, that I intent upgrade while JFFS2 is being written to.
> However, I find that if I write to the mtd device(s) (erase, followed by 
> dd) and then reboot, the firmware is corrupt.
> If I stop writes to the JFFS2 partition before upgrading the firmware on 
> the mtd partitions, everything is ok every time.
> Is this a known "feature"?
> Ideas?
> Vipin
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