Problem with mtd-snapshot-20031211.tar

Thomas Pang thomaspang at
Fri Dec 19 11:16:30 EST 2003

I am using AMD NOR+SRAM flash in MCP (multi-chip packages) with CFI

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>I download the boot image into my target system and successfully boot
>the board.  I also download the file systems, one is CRAMFS, another
>is JFFS2.

What kind of flash chips does your board have?  AMD, Intel, etc and NOR

>I am using the latest mkfs.jffs2 to create my JFFS2 file system as
>mkfs.jffs2 -p -e 0x10000 -c 12 -b -r rootfs -o jffsImage
>Problem 1 (Fail to mount JFFS2 file system)
>I seem to be able to mount the JFFS2 file system but when I access the
>JFFS2 file system, the system complains "Chip not ready after erase
>suspended: status = 0x1985". Any idea?

0x1985 is the magic number on a jffs2 filesystem.  Looks like the chip 
driver is trying to read the status register of the chips and its in
array mode, not read status.

># ls
>Chip not ready after erase suspended: status = 0x1985
>error -5 reading node at 0x001901f8 in get_inode_nodes()
>jffs2_get_inode_nodes() for ino 2 returned -5
>ls: ./bin: Input/output error

see comment about magic number above.  JFFS2 is probably erasing any
eraseblocks you have so it can use them  and the erase suspend is
when the ls command is done.

>Problem 2 (Writing to JFFS2 file system still slow)


>     rm myfile
>     cp bin/myfile .
>     Chip not ready after erase suspended: status = 0xffff
>     Chip not ready after erase suspended: status = 0xffff

looks like the same problem.  0xffff is what erased flash blocks look

So two questions are, what kind of flash chips do you have, and what mtd

chip driver are you using?


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