Problems installing MTD for 64 bit bus

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Dec 16 02:05:19 EST 2003

Please read before replying.

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 17:55 -0800, Arun.Kalluri at wrote:
> I am having problems getting up a JFFS2 file system with linux kernel
> 2.4.17 on a 8260 processor with 64 bit bus. I had success in bringing up a
> similar board with 32 bit bus without any problem.  I went through the
> mailing archive and as advised applied the latest
> mtd-snapshot-20031208.tar.bz2 on my kernel. I found there were a few
> compiling problems I could resolve some, but the zlib.h and some other
> files were causing problems, which I was not able to resolve. So, I decided
> to go to a relatively older mtd snapshot and used mtd-snapshot-20020731,
> which has 64 bit support and fewer changes. I was able to compile and
> configure, but I am having problems installing JFFS2 on MTD. Could you
> please tell me where I could be going wrong..

You really should use 2.4.23 and then add the current MTD code.

Are you sure your flash partition is entirely erased?


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