AMD flash lock/unlock support question

Andrea Galbusera andrea.galbusera at
Mon Dec 15 05:09:50 EST 2003

Hi all!
I´m new to embedded linux development, so, please, be patient if I ask
for anything silly.

I´m working with a Coldfire/uClinux system. The hardware mounts two AMD
Am29DL640G flash chips. I can succesfully enable read/write/erase
operations via MTD using uClinux kernel 2.4.20-uc0. 

My project actually require to support lock/unlock functions to protect
some flash memory sections. Are they already available for AMD chips?
Anybody succeded using these functions through util/lock.c and
util/unlock.c tools?

Looking at more recent sources from mtd cvs I saw some functions in
cfi_cmdset_0002.c (is this the right one for my chips?) which look to be
relevant for my problem (cfi_amdstd_lock_varsize() and
cfi_amdstd_unlock_varsize()). What development status are these?


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