problem using jffs2 with nand flash

Isak Levi isak at
Sun Dec 14 10:33:32 EST 2003

I am using samsung 2k pages NAND flash and I am trying to use JFFS2 with the
I did the following steps:

1. eraseall /devfs/mtd/6
2. mount -t jffs2 /devfs/mtdblock/6 /mnt

while /mnt is empty, I am trying to copy ~11k file on it and encounter the
following error:
Only one page(2k) is actually being written to the flash (why is that?) and
after remounting the system
the file is only 4096 bytes long.
I get 'Unable to handle kernel request at virtual address ... ' within the
kupdated process.

any idea's?

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