IPL block is bad on DiskOnChip 2000

Martin Chan martinc at milliontech.com
Tue Dec 9 06:21:08 EST 2003

Dear all,

I have successfully DFORMATted my MD2202-D64 today, and try to install a
jffs2 file system to it.
I created a root.jffs2 using mkfs.jffs2 and tried both "cp root.jffs2
/dev/mtd0" and "dd if=root.jffs2 of=/dev/mtdblock0", but I still can't
"mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 /mnt". (Yes, I know I missed the "erase"
command after I check the HowTo again.)

When I want to start again with dformat, I get "/ERROR - IPL block is bad."

I searched from google and I found Tim has the same problem but seems
has no solution.

Does anyone know a solution to this?

Message posted by Tim:
>/ >When I use the DOC5.1.4 DOS utilities' /
>/ > /
/>/ >
/>/ >DiskOnChip 2000 found in 0xdc000. /
>/ >64M media, 16K unit
/>/ >Virgin card rebuilding unit map.
/>/ >Media has been scanned /
>/ >ERROR - IPL block is bad.
/>/ >Error formatting DiskOnChip.
/>/ >Status code is 119 (flUnknow status) received from /
>/ >flFormatPhysicalDrive. Format failed. /
>/ >
/>/ >What's the matter with it? /

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