c.matamba c.matamba at
Wed Dec 3 07:47:28 EST 2003


I am charles matamba the only son of attah Mtonga
matamba of Magburaka distrct of father
was a wealthy traditional father who died as
a result of his refusal to sponsor or take sides with
the warring parties in my country. on the heat of the
crises my father made arrengement for me and my sister
to take refuge in Abidjan Cote`d Ivoire ,he choose to
stay behind due to his belief and it cost him his life
Ever since we left liberia my country`s capital life
has not been the same.

Recently my mother got very ill on her sick bed she
revealed to me that 11.5 Million dollars was deposited
in a bank on my behalf. 

I have gone to the bank to claim the money but was
told by the bank manager that though the money belongs
to me only my father`s foreign partner who my father
entrusted with the power to oversee my welfare and
invest on my behalf can have appropiate access untill
i have good business knowledge.

Please,i want you to be my father`s recommended
foreign partner as to enable me transfer this money to
you country,your helping me will solve my surffrings
and that of my sister.I will also like to live and
school in your country,If you oblige to help we are
willing to give you 20 Percent of the money.please
write back on your indication of your intrest to help
me then i will give you every details and information
on my disposal for the transfer.

thanks, looking forward to hear from you.



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