M-System's DiskOnChip

Esben Nielsen ESN at vestas.com
Wed Dec 3 04:53:48 EST 2003

 My company is designing a new piece of hardware based on a PPC. We are looking at M-Systems for storage. So how good is the Linux support for DiskOnChip?

Our options are:

1) They provide a TFFS-driver but there huge problems with license (it isn't GPL). The only way to use it is to use it as a loadable module. This is technically complicated as the root file system has to be on the DiskOnChip, so I need some kind of trick to load the module from a ramdisk or something before that. 
But as far as I can see it we will still be destributing the driver along with the kernel, not linked, but residing on the same bootrom. Chouldn't that be considered as a derivative work as a whole and thus breaking the GPL?

2) We can skip M-system's TFFS and jump to JFFS2. But how stable is that on DiskOnChip? As far as I could see from the website there are still problems with bad blocks support. How does that affect the stability? What is your experience?
Is it stable enough for production use?

Esben Nielsen

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