A question on ECC

Thomas Gleixner tglx at linutronix.de
Mon Apr 14 03:54:27 EDT 2003

On Monday 14 April 2003 07:13, Edward Lee (???) wrote:
> Hi Earl, thanks for the help.
> I didn't use nandwrite, I wrote on the chip using plain stuff like 'cp' or
> 'tar', etc. (having a file system on my device, I couldn't find a reason
> to write files using other programs)
nandwrite is just used to copy a filesystem image to a unformatted chip.
If you have mounted the fs already, then nandwrite would be the wrong tool.

These messages have a different reason. I assume that you followed the advice 
on yaffs list and you have enabled YAFFS_USE_NANDECC and disabled 

Then I can only guess, that you did not select a ecc mode in your board driver 

	/* 20 us command delay time */
	this->chip_delay = 20;		
	this->eccmode = NAND_ECC_SOFT;

NAND_ECC_SOFT is the right choice, if you don't have a hardware ecc generator.
If you have one, you must supply the neccecary functions to use it.

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