Help me! I can install DOC2000 in Linux

Kien Phung Chi pckien2001 at
Thu Apr 10 06:45:58 EDT 2003

I'm a newbie with MTD and DOC
I have a PC104 system with Disk On Chip from M-System:
MD2200-D16 (16MB). I used it in DOS very well. But I
can not install it in Linux. I build kernel 2.4.4 and
2.4.7 with MTD, DOC2000 support, follow all the
instruction but I only receive the message: 
"Possible DiskOnChip with unknown ID found at 0xC800"
(DOC address in my PC104 system) when booting Linux.
I cannot use fdisk to make partition for the DOC
I think that Linux can not probe my DOC. I tried with
linux driver from M-System but the result is the same
bad. Did anyone has installed this DOC (M-System
MD2200 -D16)in Linux please help me.


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