Trouble building mkfs.jffs2

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Sep 30 02:10:59 EDT 2002

JMessenger at said:
> cd util
> make 
> ...
> compr_zlib.c:15:2: #error "The userspace support got too messy and was removed.  Update your mkfs.jffs2".

> Has this been fixed?  Any suggestions? 

rm compr_zlib. ; cvs up compr_zlib.c ; make

>  Related question: how do you build your initial JFFS2 images?  I am
> also trying to loopback mount a JFFS2 for a PPC machine on an i386 Red
> Hat 7.3 after loading JFFS2 modules, but no luck so far. 

mkfs.jffs2 will build a _populated_ image for you, containing all the files
in the directory you specify. It's more like mkisofs/mkcramfs than
mkfs.ext2, and should probably be renamed accordingly.

If you really want to mount the image on your PC, you need to be using the 
latest code which can handle byteswapping (see the #define in jffs2.h) and 
load an 'mtdram' module on the PC with size and erasesize matching your 
hardware. Then see

Don't forget the '-b' option to mkfs.jffs2.


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