JFFS(2) on Compact Flash

Schlager Kristian-KSCHLAG1 Kristian.Schlager at motorola.com
Wed Sep 18 12:41:46 EDT 2002

I am running Linux on a Jumptec Dimm PC with built-in Compact Flash.
As powerfailures cannot be avoided, the ext2 fs gets screwed up after some time.
Can I use JFFS on the Compact Flash?
I have read Simon Evans' posting on his mtd/block driver (June 2001) and the follow ups.
One poster was stating that it makes no sense to run JFFS on CF.

Does ext3 (or do other journaling fs) indead perform as well as JFFS(2) regarding stability after power failures?

Or is the only save way to put all temporay files on ramdisk and have the CF mount read-only?

Kristian Schlager

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