DiskOnChip & JFFS1/2

Carl Przybylek carlp at bioace.net
Tue Sep 17 19:54:57 EDT 2002

seems the jffs2 directory was left out of the patchin.sh file
if you run into this just add
ln -sf $TOPDIR/fs/jffs2/*.[ch] fs/jffs2
ln -sf $TOPDIR/fs/jffs2/*akefile fs/jffs2
ln -sf $TOPDIR/include/linux/jffs2*.h include/linux

to the file to fix it.
Thanks for the help
Carl Przybylek

David Woodhouse wrote:

> sunil.r.atri at intel.com said:
> >  Why does the compatmac.h redefine recalc_sigpending if background.c
> > just calls it as is
> > //background.c
> > recalc_sigpending(current);
> It doesn't. You're looking at an old version of background.c.
> --
> dwmw2

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