the problem of mounting a writeable partition

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Tue Sep 17 12:35:00 EDT 2002

On Tue, 17 September 2002 23:39:20 +0800, ªL­×½n wrote:
> dear all 
> 	I have problems about mounting a writeable partition.
> 	when I create a partition which capacity is larger than 2MB and
>         mount it with JFFS2 filesystem , it works well .
>         But when I create a partition which capacity is smaller than 2MB
>         and mount it , I can't create any file on it.
> 	I try to make a  directory on it , it displays the following error
>         message :
> 	mkdir: Cannot create directory `test': No space left on device
> 	Is there any limitation about the partition size.

Not directly. But jffs2 currently needs 5 extra eraseblocks for safe
operation. One is the obvious minimum for any log structured
filesystem, the rest is added for safety, since noone has _proven_
jffs2 to work with less.

I guess, your filesystem size plus five eraseblocks exceed 2MiB.

You should find some information here:


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