another question: what can break?

Erich Schubert erich at
Sun Sep 15 20:28:48 EDT 2002

My thin system is working nicely from a 8 mb partition on my disc
(only using 3 MB of that ;) and after 15 seconds it presents me a remote
X11 login screen - i'm happy... it also works from PXE, but takes much
longer then.

Most of the "used" system is a cramfs in /;
the real filesystem of the partition (ext2 containing the kernel and the
initrd, as well as a few config files - hostname, ip) is mounted ro all
the time.

So my system is almost ready for writing to the flash; i only need to
patch grub (or does the debian one contain the required patches
already?) and install it on the flash...

What can break here?

The problem is that i don't have some development board where i can
easily rewrite the flash; if the system doesn't boot from HD any more
then i'm doomed...

Right now the system boots from the hard disc, if a hard disc is
connected, and from the flash if there is no HD.
If i enable network boot it tries that first;
then falls back to HD, then Flash.

** Do i risk to change this behaviour when installing grub?

my bios has a "network boot first" yes/no toggle (i can network boot)
but i don't want grub to break that... (i'd like to keep that as

can i get grub to hook _behind_ the hard disk boot?
like some floppy vector? (so i could select A,C and C,A as boot sequence
to switch between hard disc and grub)

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